• The Kashmere Alumni Association ("KAA"), a chartered non-profit organization, which originated on August 27, 1990, is comprised of graduates of Kashmere High School ("KHS").

    The mission of KAA is

    • to award scholarships and other grants to deserving students of Kashmere High School ("the School"),
    • to maintain the relationship of alumni to the School and to each other through written and other communications, and social, academic and other events,
    • to render aid and cooperation to the School in order to facilitate academic and extracurricular programs and other student activities,
    • to preserve school history,
    • to promote school spirit among faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community, and
    • to raise funds, by dues, contributions, events and otherwise, in order to support those activities which result in the furtherance of items (a) through (e) above.

    KAA firmly believes by working closely with school administration, faculty, parents, students, as well as community and business leaders it will be successful in its efforts to revitalize KHS.

    The goal of KAA is to ensure that each student is empowered with the academic, moral and leadership skills necessary to become productive members of society.

    KAA is actively involved in campus-based management of KHS. Members participate in the shared decisions making process to improve student outcomes through a collaborative effort.

    We depend on your support through dues, contributions and events to award scholarships to deserving students; maintain the relationships of alumni; and to render aid and cooperation to the school in order to facilitate academics, extracurricular programs and student activities.

    For more information on how to become involved in the Kashmere Alumni Association, checkout our website at kashmereaa.org.