• We are a STEM, Futures and Fine Arts Magnet School

    Kashmere High School is a school-wide STEM Magnet school. That means that every student who attends Kashmere will be enrolled in our STEM program. We have a unique curriculum at Kashmere, while enrolled in our STEM program students can also enroll in our other magnet programs, the Futures Academy of Computer Engineering Technology and our Fine Arts magnet program.
    The students who participate in our magnet programs participate in challenging experiences that engage them in hands-on learning. Kashmere's unique opportunities offer in-depth experiences and study in a variety of areas. We set high expectations for all students to improve student achievement.
    For more information on our magnet programs contact:
    Samuel Childs, Magnet Coordinator
    Phone: 713.636.6400
    Apply for one of our magnet programs at: www.HISDMagnet.org