• Mindfulness Stretching and Breathing

    Students are learning these techniques in HPE class.   The goal is to give them easy tools to use to reduce stress, and improve focus and behavior.  All of the students in kindergarten through fifth grade know this sequence.

    Mountain pose

    Standing relaxed with arms by your side, 2 breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose, again 3 seconds in, 3 second out.


    Sunrise, inhale, look up, follow your thumbs up, 3 seconds in, exhale, back to mountain pose. Again, inhale sunrise, exhale back to mountain pose.

    ½ opening A

    Sunrise, inhale, look up, follow your thumbs up, 3 seconds in, Sunset, 3 seconds out, hand are flat on the floor and head is upside-down, eyes on your knees, inhale horizon, hands on knees, back flat like the horizon, head looking up, exhale sunset.  Again, inhale, sunrise, three seconds and exhale sunset, inhale horizon, exhale sunset, inhale sunrise and back to mountain pose.

    Tree Pose

    Next, tree pose, right foot, 45° angle,  kickstand, focus on the spot on the floor, balance, touchdown, inhale arms up, exhale, inhale and exhale arms down, leg down, back to mountain pose.  Left leg 45° angle, kickstand, focus on a spot on the floor, balance, touchdown, inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale down back to mountain pose.


    Inhale, down to mini-mountain, exhale.

    Pointing Dog

    All fours for pointing dog, align shoulders with hands, right foot back, lift your left arm and your right foot, inhale up, exhale, inhale, and exhale back down slowly.  Left leg back, lift your right arm and your left leg, inhale up, exhale, inhale, and exhale back down slowly, crisscross your ankles, point your toes, sit on your feet, hands stretched out in front of you, child’s pose, exhale, inhale, exhale.


    Up on all fours, move into a plank position. Inhale, exhale. Walk your hands back two steps into downward dog, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, back to plank. Breath, inhale, exhale. Again, walk your hands back two steps, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale back to plank, down into child’s pose. Sit in seated mountain pose for closing sequence.

    Closing Sequence

    Sitting crisscross with arms resting over knees in seated mountain, breathe three seconds in, three seconds out, even breaths, eyes closed, breathe again. Arms behind your back, fingers pointing towards your body, palms flat on the floor, seated sunrise,inhale, exhale arms back to seated mountain.  Inhale, exhale into seated sunset, arms stretch out in front with head down between arms. Inhale exhale.


    Lay down for a full body rest. Palms to the ceiling, inhale, exhale, let your feet relax and fall to the side, feel your legs on the floor resting, breath, 3 seconds in , 3 seconds out, feel your back on the floor resting, arms resting, head resting, inhale and exhale. Two more breathes on your own inhaling for three seconds and exhaling for three seconds, eyes are closed and relaxed. WAIT…

    Back Stretch

    Arms stretched out, palms to the floor, bend legs with knees to the ceiling, inhale, and exhale knees to the right, torso to the left leaving arms out to the side with palms down, inhale exhale.  Inhale knees up, exhale knees to the left, torso to the right, arms out to the side with palms down inhale, exhale.   Knees to chest in a tuck position, rock into a seated mountain.