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    The Rice School/La Escuela Rice is an HISD Magnet School for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), serving grades K-8.

    Our middle school is a relatively small one (approximately 480 students) that shares a campus with our elementary school of approximately 680 students.

    All of our students are admitted on a magnet transfer; therefore, we have no zoned attendance.
    Our students live in all parts of Houston, and approximately 90 percent utilize HISD transportation. All students must submit an application; selection is completed through a lottery process.

    We embrace the diversity of our student population and accept the challenge of creating a common community of learners.

    At The Rice School, we firmly believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse educational environment that celebrates and respects the uniqueness of every individual. In support of HISD’s Mission, Vision, and Beliefs, we too recognize that student diversity is a vital component of our institution's mission, and we are committed to cultivating a rich and vibrant community that reflects a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

    Our parents, students, and staff view The Rice School/la Escuela Rice as a unique opportunity to grow and learn.

    Our Mission, Vision, & Purpose






    School Colors:

    Blue & Red


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    The Rice School/La Escuela Rice teachers, parents, students and staff work collaboratively to support the mission of providing students a quality education in a safe environment. Our vision to create a College and Career Ready Culture supports this mission. We expect high levels of Teaching and Learning from all stakeholders in our school community.


    We are creating a College Bound and Career Ready culture of Excellence through effective Teaching and Learning at The Rice School.



    The Rice School is a magnet for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math serving Grades K-8. We are comprised of 1,160 magnet students this year. There are 685 elementary students in Grades K-5 and 475 middle school students in Grades 6-8. All our students are admitted on a magnet transfer; therefore, we have no zoned attendance. All students must submit an application, and selection is completed through a lottery process held at HISD headquarters.

    Mirroring the diverse population of Houston, ninety percent of our students are either Hispanic (53%) or African American (37%). We have approximately 68% of our students who are economically disadvantaged. Special education students are comprised of about 5% of our students, while English language learners account for 18%. The Gifted and Talented population for our elementary is 15% and middle school is 36%. Parents, students, teachers, and staff agree that The Rice School/La Escuela Rice is a unique opportunity to grow in a community of diverse learners.



    All Adults at The Rice School/La Escuela Rice expect high levels of Learning for all students. Our commitment to this purpose is reflected in our response to four guiding questions that frame our concept of a professional learning community:


    • What is it that we want all students to learn?
    • How will we know when they learned?
    • How will we respond when they don’t learn?
    • How will we respond when they demonstrate learning beyond expectations?



    • Public education should be high quality education.
    • All children have gifts and talents that need to be recognized and nurtured.
    • A technology-rich environment must be present and used as an instructional tool across all disciplines to prepare students for education and work environments.
    • Every child needs and deserves at least two languages to function in a global society.
    • Learning in school is most effective when it relates to real-life problems and challenges.
    • Natural connections among school subjects will be emphasized through an integrated curriculum.
    • The intellectual resources of Rice University and other community institutions are key ingredients and supporting the innovative work of the school.
    • Teachers are important role models for children and must be lifelong learners themselves.
    • Family participation directly and positively impacts student’s achievement, and parents will be encouraged to be active in the life of the school. The school community should foster an atmosphere that promotes respect, responsibility, cooperation and honesty in accordance with a school honor code.
    • Community service helps children develop important values and will be encouraged for all students.
    • Decision-making and school governance are best carried out by those most affected; school personnel, students, parents and members of the community.

    School Histories: The story behind the name: Visit this page to find out the history of our school.



    In August 1994, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) opened the doors to a newly designed school that will offer students unique and challenging learning experiences, focusing on an integrated approach to curriculum. The Rice School/La Escuela Rice, the product of a collaboration with Rice University, will serve youngsters in kindergarten through eighth grade in an environment that will nurture lifelong learning, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

    In designing The Rice School/La Escuela Rice, a planning committee of school and community representatives decided how best to create a school that would serve as a model for innovative, effective instruction and professional development for teachers throughout the area. After three years of careful planning, the result is an exciting new program that makes full use of available resources and challenges both students and teachers to reach their full academic potential.

    The building itself is a model of architectural excellence, from its uniquely crafted structure to its highly functional interior. The two-story, 167,000-square-foot facility was custom-built with the school's mission in mind--to encourage learning in small clusters. The center core of the facility is the library, which will be fully equipped with video discs, CD-ROM, and the latest in computerized, on-line access to external data bases and other resources that stimulate research and problem-solving. The building also features project rooms and laboratories designed to engage students in science, art, computer-assisted learning, and music.