Students eat their meals in the school cafeteria. Well balanced, hot breakfasts and lunches are available daily to students at a minimal price. Students are also permitted to carry their lunches. These students may purchase milk, juice, and snack foods in the lunchroom.  If the opening of school should be delayed, breakfast will not be served in the elementary buildings.


    Teachers and administration supervise students during lunch time. No child is forced to eat his/her lunch; however, good eating habits are encouraged. To promote a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, students are encouraged to talk in conversational tones.

    Federal regulations allow one meal per student per day for breakfast and lunch.  Extra meal items may be purchased at the ala carte prices. State and Federal regulations prohibit exchanging food or taking uneaten food from the lunchroom.


    In case of an allergy to milk, a Medical Plan of Care form must be completed to substitute a federal approved nutritionally equivalent beverage (higher protein Soy Milk) for milk on meal pattern breakfasts and lunches.