• Hartsfield's Wish List
    Would you like to help our students excel? We are seeking the following items that you can donate or purchase for the benefit of our scholars. Feel free to contact us for additional information. 
    Butterfly Enclosure
    Part of our magnet curriculum involves studying life cycles and insects. Because of this, we would like to establish an outdoor butterfly enclosure for our students to observe throughout the school year. This will allow them to witness the life cycle of this insect first-hand as it undergoes metamorphosis.
    Technology has become one of the greatest assets of our classrooms, but budget constraints allow us to purchase a limited amount each year. Laptops allow our students access to intervention programs, the ability to conduct research on the different species of animals we have on campus, and learn how to maximize the use of technology to their advantage in today's society. Other types of technology would also be beneficial, including, but not limited to, iPads, tablets, and desktop computers. 
    Garden Irrigation System
    Although watering our garden the "old-fashion" way with rain and a traditional water hose has been successful thus far, a garden irrigation system would allow us to extend the months in which our garden is active. With an automated system, our garden would be able to flourish year-round even during our winter and summer breaks.  
    Outdoor Seating: Picnic Tables and Benches
    It has been one of our goals at Hartsfield to move beyond the traditional classroom setting and allow our students to learn in their natural environment. We currently have one outdoor classroom for our 23 classroom teachers to share. Obtaining additional picnic tables and benches would allow us the opportunity to provide teachers with additional space to take advantage of outdoor teaching.