• Hartsfield Elementary
    Animal and Environmental Science Magnet Program
       Our magnet program hinges on the belief that "knowledge of the world is only to be acquired out in the world" as stated by Phillip Stanhope. We equip students with knowledge about the ecosystem to help them make decisions that may sustain the earth and the humans and animals that inhabit it. We expose scholars to career pathways to support future endeavors in environmental and animal science.
       Our overarching programs are Environmental Science and Animal Science. Under Environmental Science, scholars explore ecology, chemistry, geology, and atmospheric sciences. Animal science covers livestock and animal domestication. We bridge the two strand together with the following overlapping sciences: biology, zoology, soil science, geography, and marine life.
       Each grade level engages in a specific thematic plan that requires them to hone skills in data collection, research, habitat development, and support of a community/global awareness initiative.
       The AES program is built on the partnerships established with secondary and post-secondary institutions as well as career pathway centered organizations with an emphasis on ecology and/or animal science.