• Mission

    The scholars of The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism and TD&L will collaborate with their peers through work-based projects. Scholars will be exposed to industry experiences that builds their self-confidence to become college and career ready for the future.


    All Scholars will build long lasting relationships with both community partners and peers while utilizing problem-solving and time management skills. Wheatley High School scholars are creative and imaginative global communicators in both oral and written form, and have the self-confidence to become college and career ready.

    Pathway Outcomes

    Time Management
    Scholars demonstrate adaptability and productivity by effectively managing their time to better serve each client in the diverse industry field.
    Skilled Communicator
    Scholars communicate effectively orally and in writing for specific purposes and audiences in compliance with the legal requirements of the Hospitality and Tourism TD&L industries and customer service protocols. 
    Critical Thinker
    Scholars apply effective critical thinking and problem-solving skills when resolving client, customer, and industry demands, dilemmas and or conflicts.  
    Scholars exhibit independent decision making by analyzing complex or multiple tasks that create long lasting relationships with both community partners and peers. They listen to and adapt to other's ideas when making decisions. 
    Scholars demonstrate creative thinking by working in an imaginative way characterized by a high degree of innovation, divergent thinking, and risk taking specifically considering the complexities of the issue at hand.