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HISD Graduation Labs

    Traditional Graduation Labs are recommended at all comprehensive high schools. Free online high school courses are available to HISD students through HISD Graduation Labs. Students can work on their courses during, before or after school, as well as from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. Students complete coursework in a computer-lab setting, with a Graduation Coach or lab monitor to facilitate as needed.  Students are able to complete courses through the graduation lab for:
    • Credit Recovery
    • Original Credit
    • Advanced Placement


    The graduation lab also offers opportunities for accelerated credit recovery if certain criteria are met. For more information on this program, speak to the Campus Graduation Coach or School Guidance Counselor.

Supplemental Instruction

  • Teachers have the flexibility to use the Apex Learning digital curriculum in their classrooms. The methods of using the curriculum are endless, here are just a few:

    • Intervention to prevent failures
    • Creating small groups
    • Homework assignments
    • Flipping the classroom
    • Make-up Work

    These courses allow teachers to blend their instruction with components from the online curriculum to help students build a greater understanding of the content.

List of Graduation Coaches by Campus

  • All
  • Austin H.S.
  • Bellaire H.S.
  • Carnegie Vanguard H.S.
  • Challenge Early College H.S.
  • Chavez H.S.
  • Community Services
  • Crossroads Program
  • Debakey Health Professions H.S.
  • East Early College H.S.
  • Eastwood Academy
  • Energized for E-Stem Central H.S. ID# 321
  • Energized for E-Stem West M.S. ID# 455
  • Energy Institute
  • Furr H.S.
  • H.S. Ahead Academy
  • H.S. For Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
  • H.S. For the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Heights H.S.
  • Houston Academy for International Studies
  • Houston Math, Science and Tech Center
  • Jesse Jones H.S.
  • Jordan H.S. For Careers
  • Kashmere H.S.
  • Lamar H.S.
  • Liberty H.S.
  • Madison H.S.
  • Mickey Leland College Prep Academy
  • Middle College - Fraga
  • Middle College - Gulfton
  • Milby Senior H.S.
  • Momentum Academy
  • Mount Carmel Academy ID# 311
  • North Forest H.S.
  • North Houston Early College H.S.
  • Northside High School
  • Scarborough H.S.
  • Sharpstown H.S.
  • Sharpstown International H.S.
  • South Early College H.S.
  • Sterling H.S.
  • Waltrip H.S.
  • Washington H.S.
  • Westbury H.S.
  • Westside H.S.
  • Wheatley H.S.
  • Wisdom H.S.
  • Worthing H.S.
  • Yates H.S.
  • Young Women's College Prep Academy

    Houston ISD has usage guidelines to ensure every campus complies with the district, federal, and state requirements for issuing credits. If you are interested in learning more about how to implement Apex Learning on your campus, please contact the Houston ISD  Virtual School Department at 713-556-7295.