Principal's Message

  • A Message From Our Principal
    Tealisha Riley


    My name is Tealisha Riley, and I am very proud to be the Principal of Halpin ECC and to serve this community. I have had a variety of experiences as an educator over the past 13 years. I taught 4th grade reading and writing for 7 years to students new to the country learning English as their second language, I was a reading specialist for 2 years, and most recently I was the assistant principal at Garden Villas Music Magnet in HISD.  All throughout my teaching and administrative career, my focus has been on literacy, specifically teaching children how to read. As an assistant principal, I have served as an interim principal twice. My work as interim principal led to district recognition. I have received the following awards: 2019-2020 South Area First Year Assistant Principal of the Year, December 2020 Excellence in Leadership Award, and the 2020-2021 South Area Assistant Principal of the Year.

    I am an enthusiastic school administrator who is dedicated to serving the Halpin community. My mission is to inspire educational change and grow teachers into knowledgeable facilitators of their classroom learning environment. Additionally, it is my mission to equip students with the necessary tools so that when they leave Halpin ECC, they are at or above grade level and emotionally prepared for what’s next.

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve at Halpin ECC! I look forward to changing the lives of the children who attend Halpin ECC.