• Per the district Student Code of Conduct, Longfellow Elementary adheres to cell phone use policy. Use of electronic devices on campus is considered a Level II act of misconduct.

    Students are not allowed to use a cell phone during operating hours, unless given explicit permission by the teacher, including:

    • During morning arrival.
    • In class.
    • In transit to another location within the building, such as leaving the classroom to use the restroom, recess, lunch and other times.
    • Receiving a text/call from their parent during class time.
    • Attending field trips and other school functions.
    • Arrival and dismissal times.

    Cell phones are to remain off and in their backpacks from arrival to dismissal each day.  This includes headphones and Air Pods. 



    If a student violates any of the policy stated above, the phone or other electronic device can be confiscated by any staff member present and the student will face disciplinary action.

    • If a device is confiscated:
      • Staff will follow Longfellow disciplinary protocol.
      • The parent of the student must schedule a time with the Assistant Principal and/or administrative designee, if not available.
      • A fine of $15 payable in cash and correct change must be paid to the Secretary.

    **The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced electronics.