Gifted and Talented

  • Fondren Middle School participates in a Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Program.  For more information on programs for the Gifted and Talented programs HISD offers, click here. 


    HISD students have the chance to be tested for gifted and talented (G/T) identification once per calendar school year. HISD Gifted and Talented programs provide a differentiated curriculum by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program in grades K-12. If your child is not already identified as G/T and you want your child to be tested for identification, you will need to submit a Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Program application. G/T applications can be found at reception, in the main office, or on the G/T website.


    Applicants will take both an achievement test and an abilities test. The achievement test is an online test and takes anywhere from 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 35 minutes, depending on the grade level. The higher the grade level, the longer the testing time.


    The abilities test is an online test that will take up to 50 minutes from beginning to end. If your child receives Special Education services or has specific needs with respect to testing, please make sure to share this information when you submit your application before your child tests. Once HISD students are identified as GT, they keep their status throughout their tenure as long as the student remains consecutively enrolled in HISD.


    If you have further questions about GT programs in HISD, please contact the Gifted and Talented Department at or call 713-556-6954.  If you have any questions, please contact the Fondren Middle School GT Coordinator, Mrs. Marsha Wilson, @