• Welcome to Dogan Elementary!

  • Mrs. Boulais

    (PreK, 1st, 3rd, 5th)

  • Mrs. Thompkins

    (Kinder, 2nd, 4th)

  • Our Counseling Paradise

    We have been fortunate to have two counselors this year. With this new approach, we have the privilege of meeting every Dogan dolphin throughout the year. Throughout these meetings, students will explore their strengths, goals, and aspirations. We will also implement the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs that services in:

    • Individual Planning
    • Group Counseling
    • Guidance Curriculum
    • System Support
    • Responsive Services
    • Individual Counseling
    • Consultations

    Character ED Traits:                                                             Parent Resources:

    August - Courage                                                                     Coping Skills
    September - School Pride                                                       Food Assistance 
    October - Responsibility                                                          Emotions
    November - Gratitude
    December - Good Citizenship
    January - Respect & Courtesy
    February - Caring
    March - Fairness
    April - Trustoworthiness
    May - Integrity