Camping with Coach Ryan!

Posted by Juan Huerta on 10/8/2021 7:30:00 AM


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Article by Ms. RuggBridgewater, (Digital Media Teacher)


Does roasting marshmallows and sleeping under the star's interest you?


Several Piney Point Panthers joined Coach Ryan camping in Galveston for the weekend in September.


Piney Point and Coach Ryan have partnered up with Texas Outdoor Family.


Texas Outdoor Family Program is a program with Texas Wildlife Rangers and the state parks to take families out for a new kind of experience that some might ever get the chance to experience.  The state parks are about a hour to a hour and a half from school.


In September, families packed up their cars and drove about an hour to camp at Galveston State Park.


Texas Outdoor Family (TOF) provides tents and stoves for camping. All you need to bring is clothes, bedding, and food. TOF also helps you set up your campsite.


On this camping trip, the families were able to experience several different activities on the beach, learn how to fish and kayak.


They ended the day by roasting marshmallows around the campfire and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.


If you would go camping with Piney Point and TOF, please contact Coach Ryan for more information.


Video Curtesy of Mr. Bustos, PTA President.