• Camping with Coach Ryan!

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 10/8/2021 7:30:00 AM


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    Article by Ms. RuggBridgewater, (Digital Media Teacher)


    Does roasting marshmallows and sleeping under the star's interest you?


    Several Piney Point Panthers joined Coach Ryan camping in Galveston for the weekend in September.


    Piney Point and Coach Ryan have partnered up with Texas Outdoor Family.


    Texas Outdoor Family Program is a program with Texas Wildlife Rangers and the state parks to take families out for a new kind of experience that some might ever get the chance to experience.  The state parks are about a hour to a hour and a half from school.


    In September, families packed up their cars and drove about an hour to camp at Galveston State Park.


    Texas Outdoor Family (TOF) provides tents and stoves for camping. All you need to bring is clothes, bedding, and food. TOF also helps you set up your campsite.


    On this camping trip, the families were able to experience several different activities on the beach, learn how to fish and kayak.


    They ended the day by roasting marshmallows around the campfire and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.


    If you would go camping with Piney Point and TOF, please contact Coach Ryan for more information.


    Video Curtesy of Mr. Bustos, PTA President.

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  • Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 10/1/2021



    Article by Ms. RuggBridgewater, (Digital Media Teacher)


    The Panthers celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by observing a Mariachi Son de Mi Tierra.


    The experience was magical with the band's distinctive sound. The five-member band with the trumpets, violin, guitar, and guitarrón energizes their audience. When the singer started to sing, goosebumps lit up the arms and, aahs went about the students. Teachers were dancing the native jarabe Tapatío. The students were singing and were moving in their seats to the music.


    Thank you to the PTA, Ms. Pena-Martinez, and Ms. E. Keahey for organizing this wonderful cultural experience for the teachers and students.


    Viva la Mexico! Viva America!

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  • Show & Tell: Life Cycles

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 5/7/2021

    Presenter: Ms. Bridewater (Digital Media), Video: Mr. Huerta (Art)

    Great job, Ms. DPersio's Class

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  • Teachers Appreciation Week

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 5/3/2021

    Anchor: Ms. Bridgewater (Digital Media), Video: Mr. Bustos (PTO), Final Video Editing: Mr. Huerta (Art)

    Thank you wonderful teachers!

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  • Earth Day!

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 4/22/2021

    Earth Day!

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  • 5th grade Piney Point Soccer Tournament

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 4/22/2021

    Article: Ms. Bridgewater (Digital Media), Video: Mr. Huerta (Art)

    The Coronavirus has thrown out plot twist after plot twist. Events have been canceled but, it has not stopped the annual 5th grade Piney Point Soccer Tournament.



    Coach Ryan is excited to bring it back after last years erupt dismissal as the world shut down. This soccer tournament is a highly anticipated and long-awaited event. It is one of the last hoorays for the 5th graders at Piney Point. The tournament is held over the last few months of school. It gives 5th graders motivation to stay on track with their school work and attitudes. At the end of the tournament, there will be a celebration to award the class who won with the coveted trophy.

    Wondering how to watch and keep up with the tournament? Make sure to tune into the morning announcements on YouTube to see highlights of the games and the rankings.

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  • Marathon Kids 2021

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 3/19/2021

    Presenter: Ms. Bridgewater (Digital Media), Coach: Ms. Ryan (P.E.), Video: Mr. Huerta (Art)

    Great job, Panthers! Great job Ms. Ryan! Go Marathon Kids!


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  • National Women Month

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 3/4/2021

    Article: Ms. Bridgewater (Digital Media), Video: Mr. Huerta (Art)

    Did you know around 149 years ago a woman named Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting? She was fighting for the right for a woman to vote.



    In 1888, she led the National American Women’s Suffrage Association. She traveled around the country giving speeches, collecting thousands of signatures on petitions, and lobbying Congress every year for women.


    This month we will have guest speakers talking about more influential women. 


    The women before us made it possible so we can do what we can do today. These woman fought for equal rights and opportunities to create more freedom for women.

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  • NFL Play 60 and the American Heart Association

    Posted by Juan Huerta on 2/3/2021

    Article: Ms. Bridgewater (Digital Media), Video: Mr. Huerta (Art)

    Good Morning Piney Point Panthers! We have teamed up with NFL Play 60 and the American Heart Association. For February, we want to inspire you to be active every day! Which is so important for our heart health.



    NFL players will be introducing you to new workouts throughout the month. We will talk about nutrition and have some yummy recipes for you to try. Plus, a few extra surprises!


    Also, every Friday we want you to wear red! The color red represents the heart. We love our hearts so let us show it some support!


    So, Piney Point Panther's let’s get moving and wear red!”

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