Principal Alana E. Holloway

  • Alana E. Holloway began her career in education 13 years ago in HISD. Holloway has served students as a Secondary English Language Arts teacher, ESL Reading teacher, Teacher Specialist, Assistant Principal and Principal. Alana E Holloway is a former Principal at Nathaniel Q. Henderson Elementary School where she served 2 years and earned the "New Principal of the Year Award." Alana E. Holloway earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Houston and a Master of Educational Administrative Leadership at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Alana E. Holloway is currently the Principal of Mamie Sue Bastian Elementary for the second year. She believes in a culture of positivity and high expectations of all stakeholders involved in the education of our "Brilliant Scholars at Bastian Elementary." She is passionate about literacy and creating opportunities for children to have access to a wide variety of books to increase their desire and love for reading. Principal Holloway believes that the student culture and student achievement are synonymous, and one cannot exist without the other. She welcomes partnerships and stake holders that will further the vision of Bastian Elementary in maintaining a positive, rigorous, and nurturing learning environment.