• North American Mural   Our Dual Language Teachers are:
    Amina Sheikh- asheikha@houstonisd.org (PreK)
    Victor Quintas- vquinta1@houstonisd.org (PreK)
    Ronnie Tate- rtate1@houstonisd.org (Kindergarten)
    William Heredia Flores- wheredia@houstonisd.org (Kindergarten)
    Mrs. Tate  


    My name is Mrs. Tate. For the last fifteen years I have taught Kindergarten. This is my first year teaching Dual Language at Mading Elementary.  The Dual Language Program is geared to provide students an opportunity to learn another language.  It has been very rewarding to see primary English language learners and Spanish language learners embrace learning another language.  Our kindergarten students split classes’ midway through the day.  I am responsible for teaching English/Reading, Science and Social Studies for the primary English speakers and the primary Spanish speakers.  The first nine weeks of school have been very productive.  Our students work in small groups where we focus on reading and comprehension.  Our small groups are integrated to assure that each learner has lots of exposure to what is being taught. During whole group learning, the students are introduced to various topics that they will focus on throughout the week. They are responding to both languages which confirms they they are learning.  I am looking forward to a successful year.


    Mrs. Tate

    Ms. Sheikh  


    My Name is Ms. Sheikh. This is my second year teaching pre-k and first year teaching Dual Language. I am excited to embark on the journey of teaching Dual Language with my students this year at Mading Elementary School. This journey will enable me, as well as my students,  to learn and grow. It’s amazing to see Native English speakers and English Language Learners support and comfort one another as they learn a second language. As the world grows more and more diverse each and every day, it is utterly important for students at this age to form bonds of friendship and break the barrier between themselves and others who do not look or talk like them. Furthermore, it’s remarkable to see students take risks as they learn  a second language. My goal as a dual language teacher is to produce competitive biliterate and bicultural global leaders with high self-esteem, who are risk takers, and who embrace diversity.

    Mr. Quintas  Be professor of dual language at Mading Elementary School means a great challenge. Working with students from pre-kindergarten level we want to build a solid foundation for future development in command of two languages, English and Spanish. This will make them grow as students and better people and it is our duty as teachers, guide their steps in this beautiful adventure.Mr. Quintas
     Mr. Flores


    My name is Mr. Flores. As a first year teacher, I am excited to start my teaching career as a Dual Language teacher at Mading Elementary.  The Dual Language program offers an immense amount of exposure to students in both English and Spanish content. Every day I look forward to hearing students bravely engage with each other in Spanish despite the language barriers that exist in the classroom. The ownership that students take is indeed rewarding and I have noticed their growth in both languages. Teaching the Spanish component of the 50% Spanish and 50% English format applied here at Mading Elementary, where students are predominantly native English speakers, allows me to use the willingness of students to learn a second language as motivation. I am looking forward to seeing the success and mastery which students will have obtained by the end of the year and in the continuing scholastic years in Houston Independent School District.


    Mr. Flores

    English and Spanish at Work  Bulletin Board is color coded by language. Blue is in English and Red is in Spanish.
     Global Environments
    Costa Rica  Costa Rica
    Trinadad and Tabago   Trinadad and Tabago
    Mrs. Haskins  Mrs. Haskins, School Principal
     The Dual Language program at Mading Elementary School has been successful.  Students participating in the dual language program, who are already on grade level can exceed the achievement of their monolingual educated peers through the cognitive stimulus in two languages.  This leads to enhanced creativity, analytical thinking and closing the achievement gap at Mading.   I look forward to the multiple benefits that the dual language program will provide for our scholars and our community.
     Mading is proud to announce that we were a VIF- Share your Story Winner. Congrats to Mading keep up the Excellent Work!!!