• We love our Dual Language Program at Mading!

    1. BILINGUALISM FOR ALL: dual language immersion is an enrichment model that challenges all scholars to become fluent in two languages. Our 50/50 classes are taught by two teachers who each speak exclusively in one language. There is no translation or repeated lessons. Native English speakers and ELLs learn a second language together.

    2. CLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP: scholars who regularly use two languages tend to perform better on standardized tests. As a result of dual language learning, the achievement gap can be closed not only by English learners but also by other historically low-performing groups, such as African-Americans and students of low socioeconomic status

    3. POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE and CULTURE: The entire school and South Park community benefits when multiple languages and cultural heritages are celebrated and respected. Cultural awareness bridges scholars from one culture to the next. Parents from both language groups participate more actively in schools.