Barbara Jordan Career Center

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    Each year Barbara Jordan Career Center will accept junior students from nine area high schools in HISD:
    1. Furr
    2. Heights
    3. Houston
    4. Kashmere
    5. North Forest
    6. Northside
    7. Washington
    8. Wheatley
    9. Yates
    If you attend one of the schools listed above, we have available space in the following career areas or pathways:
    • Auto Tech
    • Child Development - New for 2020/21
    • Construction Tech
    • Cosmetology
    • Culinary Arts
    • Government and Diplomacy
    • Health Science
    • Process Technology - New for 2020/21
    • Marketing/Entrepreneurship
    • Welding
    If accepted into our program, you will spend half your day at your home campus working on required academic classes. The other half of the day (either am or pm) you will be engaging in a real-life career curriculum in one of our exciting pathways. You will remain a student enrolled at your home campus, but will spend part of your day at Barbara Jordan Career Hub. Transportation will be provided.


    Because students in our career pathways may interact with our business partners and work with equipment similar to that found in the workplace, we will adhere to some important acceptance guidelines. In order to be eligible to attend BJCC, you must have earned:
    • 12.0 credits by August 2020
    • Be on track to graduate with your classmates in the spring of 2022


    In other words, you must be serious about the career you wish to pursue and demonstrate maturity and dedication in the classroom. We are going to work hard to provide opportunities for you and expect you to work just as hard at learning all you can while you are with us. Our goal is to make you College Ready, Career Ready, and Life Ready!