Culinary Arts

  • Program Description:

    The Culinary Arts program prepares students for a career in cooking, baking, catering, customer service, and/or restaurant management.  In this program students are exposed to a variety of Culinary Arts industry career paths that best fits the student’s S.I.P.’s (Strengths, Interest, Passions). Our career pathway prepares students to step into the work-force or pursue their passion for cooking beyond high school by attending a culinary school or program offered by a 2-or-4 year college.  Common topics covered in culinary schools/programs include baking, catering, desserts, handling and choosing fresh meats and vegetables, ethnic cuisines, knife skills, food safety and sanitation, and restaurant management.  A graduate of a cooking school/program is expected to be able to perform in a professional kitchen successfully, and many cooking schools/programs offer chef placement services to assist their graduates.  Culinary careers can follow many paths.  About 60% of all culinary workers find jobs in restaurants and eating and drinking establishments.  Approximately 20% work in cafeterias inside hospitals, corporations, nursing homes, and universities. The remainder work in hotels, grocery stores, or other locations. Students will explore career avenues, choices, and educational requirements required to achieve their individual career success. 


    Industry Certification(s):

    ServSafe Manager



    11th grade - Culinary Arts A and B

    12th grade - Advanced Culinary Arts A and B