Booker T. Washington High School

and The High School for The Engineering Professions

  • School Supplies

    • Teachers develop school supply lists for each grade level/course, and parents may choose to purchase school supplies independently or through the school store and/or parent organization, if offered. The goal is to make sure all students have the tools they need to be ready to learn every day. For more information, please see School Supplies. See below for our school’s specific supply lists.
  • Students and Parents,

    At Booker T. Washington High School, our teachers develop individual school supply lists based on their subject area. However, here is a list of basic supplies that will help your child start out successfully for this first day of school on Monday, August 28, 2023.

    • Pen / Pencil

    • Folders with brads (May want one per class = 9 folders)

    • Notebook Paper (College or Wide Ruled)

    • District-provided Laptop 

    • Internet access (Hot spots may be requested through the campus, if needed)


    Estudiantes y padres,

    En Booker T. Washington High School, nuestros maestros desarrollan una lista individual de útiles escolares según su área temática. Sin embargo, aquí hay una lista de suministros básicos que ayudarán a su hijo a comenzar exitosamente este primer día de clases el Lunes, 28 de Agosto de 2023.

    • Pluma / lapiz

    • Carpetas con cierres de papel (puede querer una por clase = 9 carpetas)

    • Papel de cuaderno (universitario o de rayas anchas)

    • Computadora portátil proporcionada por el distrito

    • Acceso a Internet (se pueden solicitar puntos calientes a través del campus, si es necesario)