Windsor Village Vanguard Magnet

  • Dress Code

    • HISD allows each individual campus to establish its own dress code or uniform policy. The goal of a dress code is to ensure that students stay focused on learning and to create a positive and safe environment. We appreciate parent and student support in upholding our dress code. Violations of the dress code policy may result in disciplinary action. Please note that our school administration has the final authority for decisions regarding the dress code. Please click here to see our uniform requirements.


    We believe that a consistent dress code policy will help minimize distractions to learning and promote a positive school culture.

    All Windsor Village students must wear the appropriate school uniform.

    All clothing must be:

    • Solid colored without ornamentation (including words, pictures, logos, etc.).
    • Properly fitted
    • Clean & Neat
    • Colors:  Red, Black or White
    • Must wear a polo shirt (long or short sleeves with collar)
    • The shirt must be tucked into the bottom during the school day
    • We will be selling Windsor Village Cardigans
    • Jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts must be solid black, white or red with a hood (NO HOODIES).  These items may button down or zip
    • Special Note: Coats with hoods may be worn during the winter/cold months.  Coats do not have to be red, black, or white.  However, students will be asked to remove their coats upon entering the classroom.


    • Colors:  Black or Khaki (Jeans may ONLY be worn on Fridays)
    • May be pants, shorts, or dresses/skirts (with shorts underneath)
    • Must be fitted at waistline
    Windsor Village Vanguard Elementary School New Cardigan Order Form