Windsor Village Vanguard Magnet Information 


    About our Vanguard Magnet Program

    Windsor Village is a Vanguard Magnet Program for Gifted and Talented students in grades K-5.  Our program is designed to meet the needs of students who excel in intellectual ability, who are creative, and show leadership skills.  At Windsor, we provide a curriculum that is differentiated in higher-level complex thinking, deeper knowledge, and rigorous pacing.  We provide students with a wide variety of learning experiences that develop individual strengths and interests. Our classes are student-centered emphasizing relevant and challenging work.  We promote high standards of achievement and expectations through a supportive and productive learning environment.  We also offer Bilingual Vanguard classes to students who are transitioning from Spanish to English.  Admission into the Windsor Village Vanguard Magnet Program requires testing.  Students who have met the criteria for accelerated learning and are identified as gifted and talented are placed with highly effective teachers that are GT certified.  The difference between the HISD 10 Vanguard Magnet Elementary schools are the activities, enrichment, and projects the students are involved in.  Please see the Vanguard Magnet Program Dates and Deadlines for more information.


    Vanguard Curriculum

    We expand talents and abilities by developing higher-level thinking skills with the use of the “Scholars and Knowledge” curriculum which develops:

    • Research Inquiry Skills
    • Scholarly and Organizational Behaviors
    • Complex, Creative and Relevant 21st Century Skills
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Integrated Learning
    • Independent and Collaborative Skills
    • Community Service
    • Advanced Level Project and Product Creation


    What We Offer

    • Bilingual and English Vanguard Classes Available
    • All Classrooms are Technology Enriched in addition to iPad and laptops for every grade level
    • Math, Writing, and Literacy Labs
    • Specialized Vanguard Learning Experiences
    • Extended Afterschool Program
    • Robotics
    • MLK Oratory Competition



    You have the option of applying online (HISD School Choice Application) or you can pick up a paper application at Windsor Village in the Vanguard Office.  It is recommended that you apply online so you can be instantly notified of any missing documentation, testing dates and times, or important information.  If you need assistance applying online please call the Vanguard Office at Windsor Village.  Click here for Houston ISD Magnet Programs information: HISD Office of School Choice

    For Paper Applications: School Choice Paper Applications


    For more information contact:

    Danielle Arriola Phillips

    Assistant Principal/Magnet Coordinator