Thomas Middle School

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  • VIPS (Volunteers in Schools)

    • We love having volunteers in our school! We have listed some of the opportunities available on our website. If you have ideas about other things you would like to do around our school, please give us a call. For more information on how to become a volunteer, please see this link.



    • VIPS

      STEP 1: Complete the VIPS, Volunteers in Public Schools, Volunteer Orientation Training online in English or in Spanish.

      STEP 2: Read the VIPS Volunteer Handbook and Save/Print the Certificate of Completion for future reference.

      STEP 3: Complete the VIPS Volunteer Application, agree to the Annual Background Check, and review the required documents (Code of Ethics, Code of Civility, Confidentiality Statement). 

      When completing the VIPS application please be sure  to note your organization and select Read Houston Read as one of the programs you plan to support.

      STEP 4: Wait 3-5 business days for the Background Check to process. Volunteers receive a confirmation of receipt upon submission and an approval or denial reply from when completed.

      STEP 5: Optional: Create a personal Raptor Portal Volunteer Account for the ability to track volunteer hours.

      STEP 6: Once VIPS APPROVED, register for opportunities to volunteer with Ms. Holton at