• Specialized electives include:


    Criminal Justice                                        Legal Studies

    Prin of Govern & Public Admin. A                Prin of Govern & Public Admin. A

    Prin of Govern & Public Admin. B                Prin of Govern & Public Admin. B

    Law Enforcement 1A                                 Debate 1A

    Law Enforcement 2B                                 Debate 1B

    Law Enforcement 2A                                 Political Science 1A

    Law Enforcement 2B                                 Political Science 1B

    Correctional Services A                              Political Science 2A

    Correctional Services B                              Political Science 2B

    Other Career Electives

    Forensic Psychology, Correctional Services, Pre-Practicum- Emergency Services (Houston Emergency Center), National Security, Practicum in Law Enforcement, Accounting 1 & 2, Banking and Financial Services, Court Systems and Practices, Revenue, Taxation and Regulations, Pre-Practicum Business Management, Practicum in Local, State, & Federal Government




    Dual Credit