• Specialized electives include:


    Criminal Justice                                        Legal Studies

    Prin of Govern & Public Admin. A                Prin of Govern & Public Admin. A

    Prin of Govern & Public Admin. B                Prin of Govern & Public Admin. B

    Law Enforcement 1A                                 Debate 1A

    Law Enforcement 2B                                 Debate 1B

    Law Enforcement 2A                                 Political Science 1A

    Law Enforcement 2B                                 Political Science 1B

    Correctional Services A                              Political Science 2A

    Correctional Services B                              Political Science 2B

    Other Career Electives

    Forensic Psychology, Correctional Services, Pre-Practicum- Emergency Services (Houston Emergency Center), National Security, Practicum in Law Enforcement, Accounting 1 & 2, Banking and Financial Services, Court Systems and Practices, Revenue, Taxation and Regulations, Pre-Practicum Business Management, Practicum in Local, State, & Federal Government

    Fire Tech

    Prin of Govern & Public Admin A                 Prin of Govern & Public Admin B

    Law Enforcement 1A                 Law Enforcement 1B

    Law Enforcement 2A                 Law Enforcement 2B

    HCC Firefighter 1A                    HCC Firefighter 2A



    Dual Credit
    Dual Credit courses are offered in conjunction with Houston Community College in the areas of Criminal Justice (Fire Tech)