Mission Statement

    The mission of the High School for Law and Justice is to provide students and staff with a safe facility wherein strong academic education is provided in conjunction with in-depth study of Law Enforcement, Legal Studies, Emergency Services, and Government & Public Administration in order to provide a successful transition into their chosen career paths or advanced academics.


    School Overview

    The High School for Law & Justice (HSLJ), a separate and unique magnet school, began in the spring of 1981 as a recruitment source for minority police officers. Currently, the curriculum is designed to allow students to explore law enforcement and criminal justice careers. At the High School for Law & Justice, students take career & technical classes at each grade level to expose them to the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for law enforcement and legal-related criminal justice careers.


    The High School for Law & Justice is located at 3505 Coyle, Houston, TX 77003. The school demographics are 71% Hispanic, 23% African American, 3% White, 1% Asian, and 2% other. Students considered to be economically disadvantaged make up 83% of the student body. Enrollment as of the first week of school is at 450 students. The High School for Law & Justice is a stand-alone magnet program for law enforcement, legal studies, and fire sciences careers. The campus is also a Nationally Recognized 2020 Blue Ribbon School.

    Dr. Judy Morris opened the school in 1981 and retired in 2004. She was replaced by Carol Mosteit who led the school for the next 15 years until she retired in 2019. The current principal is Stacy Garcia. The High School for Law and Justice is rated as an “A” campus by the Texas Education Agency.