• Click the link above to see frequently asked questions


    Click the link above to see frequently asked questions

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    Remind App – School Updates

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  •  Laptop pick-up!

    Laptop pick-up!

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  •  Purchase the HSLJ uniform shirt from the PTO

    Purchase the HSLJ uniform shirt from the PTO

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  • Welcome Incoming Freshman

    Welcome Incoming Freshman(Click here to watch the video)!

    We are excited to welcome our rising 9th and 10th graders to the High School for Law & Justice! Our wonderful ambassadors recorded a series of informational videos for our families to view together. Please watch each of the videos, and if you have any questions, write them down for our administrator to answer. Our counselor and Assistant Principals will be available to answer any questions on August 10th and 11th during our Eagle Camp. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the following administrators if you have any questions about your schedule. Lauren Reed-Casey (9th grade & 11th grade) at lcasey1@houstonisd.org. Cory Prados (10th grade & 12th grade ) at cprados@houstonisd.org Our Eagle Camp (Freshman Orientation) will occur on August 10th (For last name being with A-M) or 11th(For N-Z). This is subject to change. Be on the lookout for more detailed information this summer. FYI- we will have a mandatory parent meeting from 8:30-9:30 am. (you will receive more information via email).

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  • PowerSchool

    How to access the PowerSchool parent portal (English)(click here to watch the video)

    The PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to online information, including attendance, grades, and detailed assignment descriptions. Everyone can stay connected: Students stay on top of assignments, parents participate in their student's progress, and teachers share information with parents and students.

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  •  PowerSchool parent portal (Spanish)

    How to access the PowerSchool parent portal (Spanish)(Haz click aquí para ver el vídeo)

    El portal para padres de PowerSchool brinda a los padres y estudiantes acceso a información en línea, incluida la asistencia, las calificaciones y las descripciones detalladas de las tareas. Todos pueden mantenerse conectados: los estudiantes se mantienen al tanto de las tareas, los padres participan en el progreso de sus estudiantes y los maestros comparten información con padres y estudiantes.

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  •  2023-2024 Dress Code

    2023-2024 Dress Code

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  •  HISD Transportation

    Bus transportation & Food services

    The HISD Transportation Department will post the bus routes online for easy access two weeks before school starts. Click on Find My Route for your student's route information. You should have received a call-out and email with your child's bus route information from Houston ISD Transportation Services. If you do not receive it by 8/16/2022, contact the transportation department at 713-556-9400.

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  •  Early Departure

    Early Departure(click here to watch the video)

    We understand there may be times you will need to pick up your child early from school. Please note that all high school students require 90% attendance for a semester to receive credit. Students may not be picked up early on a regular basis. If this occurs too often, a meeting will be requested by the principal to determine if any assistance is needed. Students may not be picked up within the last 30 minutes of school, this is standard across all HISD campuses. Students may not be picked up after 3:10pm.

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  •  Class Attendance/Late Arrivals/AP Courses

    Class Attendance/Late Arrivals/AP Courses(click here to watch the video)

    Daily Absences: Please submit your excuse to the attendance office located by the main entrance. Excessive Absences: If you miss a class too many times you will not receive credit for the class even if you have a passing grade. This shows as an “NG” on your report card. You have 3 days after the day of absence to turn in any documentation. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to turn in paperwork.

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  • A & B Rotation Schedule

    Incoming students will receive their schedule during Eagle Camp on August 19th! Schedule change request: Why: Academic purposes only Where: We will post a link to the Grade Level TEAMs page for students after the first two days of school! Who: Lauren Casey- 10th & 12th Grade James Estrella- 9th & 11th Grade When: First 2 weeks of school How: We will contact students through TEAMS about new schedules

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  •  https://youtu.be/u1DcCcQ9JB8

    Technology(click here to watch the video)

    All HISD high school students are issued a laptop computer (NOT a Chromebook) for use during the school year. They are expected to have their fully charged PowerUp laptop at school every day. There is an annual $25 fee for insurance which covers accidental damage and loss. Any issues with the computer are handled quickly through the tech office. • The HISD PowerUp laptop has all the apps and programs needed for students’ required schoolwork. • HISD filters restrict inappropriate material or sites. • Use of personal devices is highly discouraged; there is no technical support for personal devices; and, district-supplied apps may not be available for non-HISD devices. Teachers are not required and should not be expected to offer allowances for issues that arise due to use of non-HISD devices.

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  •  HISD 2023-2024 Academic Calendar

    HISD 2023-2024 Academic Calendar

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