School Information


    By Phone: 713.778.6720
    By Fax: 713.778.6724
    By Mail: 10901 Sandpiper Drive Houston, TX 77096

    Drop Off
    Our school day begins at 7:30am.
    Supervision is provided as early as 7:15am.
    Breakfast is served in the classroom.
    Students may be dropped off at the front of our building. Please observe the drop off area signs. If you bring your child after 7:45, you must park and walk your child in and sign them in. Please parking in a spot in the parking lot; do not park in Fire Lane.
    Pick Up
    Our school day ends at 2:50pm.
    If you are picking up your child by car, please form a single file line at the entrance and stay to the far right of Sandpiper. Make sure your pick-up card is visible in your dash. If you need a replacement card, contact the office.

    If you are walking to pick up your child, enter at the far left playground gate for PreK students. Enter at the far right playground gate for Kindergarten. School doors will be opened at 2:50. You will follow the hallway to the cafeteria where you will form a single file line. Make sure you have your pick-up card with you in your hand. If you need a replacement card, contact the office.

    Please ensure that your child is picked up no later than 3:30pm.  If you need to pick your child up early, please send written notification or call the office in time to let your child's teacher know. When you arrive, check in at the front desk to pick your child up early. No early pickups will be allowed after 2:20.

    HISD policy requires that we call HISD Police if a child has not been picked up following the 3:20 dismissal. HISD Police are notified and the child is transported
    Children's Protective Services (CPS), 6400 Chimney Rock, 713-394-4000.

    Authorized Pick Up Persons
    At registration, you will complete a form naming those persons who are allowed to pick up your child. We will not release your child to anyone who is not on this list. If you plan to have a new person pick up your child, you must add this person to this list. You may update this form in the office. For last minute changes, you may notify us by phone or in writing, and we will send a new form home with your child for you to complete for our files. All persons picking up your child must present a state-issued ID to the front office. Please advise them to bring this every time they pick up your child. To print an Emergency Pick-Up form, please visit our front office.

    You are responsible for making arrangements with a bus service if you choose. Bus services pick up the children on the Bankside Street side of the building.
    If you have a change in bus service/riding dates or your child will not be riding the bus on a particular day, we must have written notice from you. No changes will be made without written or phone notification.
    Registration During the School Year
    Throughout the school year, you may register your child between the hours of 8:30am and 10:30am on Monday through Thursday.
    Please make sure you bring the following documentation when you register your child:
    - Birth Certificate (original)
    - Government-issued identification (Texas Driver's License, State or Military ID)
    - Proof of Address (current lease or light bill only)
    - Student's Social Security card
    - Student's immunization record
    - Last report card, if previously enrolled in a school
    - Proof of Income (W2 form or last 3 paycheck stubs) if enrolling in any Pre-K program

    We are happy to honor our students' birthdays at Halpin! If you wish to provide a special birthday treat for your child's class, we ask that you provide nutritious snacks; however cupcakes may be sent if that is your preference. Please do not provide candy, drinks, ice cream, party favors, candles or balloons. Celebrations are held outside immediately following lunch whenever possible.

    In order to qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, an HISD Lunch Application must be completed upon registration. You may also obtain an application from the front office.

    Breakfast is served in the classroom from 8:00 through 8:30. Breakfast is free for all students. Breakfast for adults is $2.00.

    Lunch is served from 10:30 through 12:30. Each class has a scheduled 30 minute time slot. Lunch is free for all Halpin ECC students. Adult lunch is $3.25.

    For more information, including monthly menus, please visit HISD's Food Services website.

    You are always welcome to come and visit our school and classrooms. We do ask that your visit be limited to 20 minutes. All visitors entering the building beyond the double doors by the front office will be required to register at the front office with their driver's license/state-issued identification. Each visitor will receive a Visitor's Pass and MUST be wearing the Visitor's Pass at all times after entering the building. The pass is issued through the utilization of "Raptor Trace V-Soft" system, a web-based software that works with multiple state law enforcement databases and school administration to keep Halpin students safe.
    We truly value the time and effort that our parent volunteers provide! If you are interested in volunteering for our school, please contact Ms. Solis. If you are interested in volunteering for your child's teacher, please contact that teacher.