• G/T Testing Window application deadline: November 18, 2021

    No applications will be accepted after that date

    After you apply, you will need to:

    1. Print the form and scan as a pdf document
    2. Email it to the G/T Coordinator, Vickie Matson, at vmatson@houstonisd.org or Fax it to: 713-349-1828.

    You will receive an email verification once the request for evaluation has been received.

    Testing window will be:

    November  1-13

    • Universal  GT:  CogAT/Iowa-Logramos  (gr.  K & 5)  PAPER  ONLY

    November  29  - December  11

    • GT  Enrolled/Non-Enrolled  Special Requests:  CogAT/Iowa-Logramos  (gr.  K-12)  PAPER  ONLY 

    November  29  - December  18

    • GT  Enrolled/Non-Enrolled  Applicants:  CogAT/Iowa-Logramos  (gr.  1-12)  ONLINE  ONLY
    • Universal  GT: CogAT/Iowa-Logramos  (gr.  1  &  6  w/  no  previous  year universal  testing)  ONLINE  ONLY

    For More Information, Please visit the Houston Independent School District Gifted & Talented Page: https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/59885


Campus Type Campus G/T Coordinator Email Address Principal School Telephone
K-8 Rice School Matson, Vickie VMATSON@houstonisd.org Hobbs, Kimberly 713-349-1800