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    For More Information, Please visit the Houston Independent School District Gifted & Talented Page: https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/31858

    Campus Type Campus Vanguard G/T Coordinator School Telephone Program Type
    K-8 Rice School Vickie Matson (K-8) 713/349-1800 G/T Neighborhood

    • What is the Gifted and Talented Program?
      The Gifted and Talented Program is designed for G/T students in grades K-12 who excel in general intellectual ability in combination with creative/productive thinking and/or leadership ability. Gifted and Talented Programs provide services that are comprehensive, structured, sequenced, and appropriately challenging.
      What is the Gifted and Talented Curriculum? 
      HISD curriculum is differentiated by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program, utilizing higher-level thinking skills and developing independent research skills focusing on advanced-level products.

      Where are the Gifted and Talented Programs located?
      Every HISD schools offers Gifted and Talented Program services.

      What is the difference between Gifted and Talented Neighborhood and Vanguard Magnet?
      HISD serves G/T students in a learning continuum provided through two program options:
      • The Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Programs operates in all schools, except those designated as Vanguard Magnet schools. The Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Program provides G/T services for all HISD G/T-identified students at that campus. Gifted and Talented Neighborhood schools may operate non-Vanguard Magnet Programs. 
      • The Vanguard Magnet Program is a Gifted and Talented Program which operates in designated Magnet schools in accordance with the HISD Gifted and Talented Guidelines as well as the HISD Magnet Standards. The Vanguard Magnet Program provides G/T services to all HISD G/T-identified students at that campus. The Magnet theme in Vanguard Magnet schools is Gifted and Talented. 
      HISD's policies for Gifted & Talented students are based on Texas Law & Gifted Education (Law: TEC §29.123).
      The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students forms the basis of program accountability for state-mandated services for G/T students.

    • Students shall be assessed for identification as gifted and talented according to TEC §29.122TAC §89.1HISD Board Policy and the Student Assessment section of the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

       The G/T identification of a student can be initiated in four ways:

      • Parent nomination
      • Teacher nomination
      • Student self-nomination
      • District-generated rosters of G/T eligible students to be reviewed by the campus Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Admissions Committee

      Determination of eligibility is based on the HISD G/T Identification Matrix. HISD utilizes two G/T Identification Matrices, one for Entering Kindergarten applicants and the other for students currently in grade K-12. 

      Final determination of a student’s need for G/T services is made by a committee of at least three local district or campus educators who have received training in the nature and needs of G/T students and who have met and reviewed the individual student data (TAC §89.1(4); State Plan 1.7C).

      Upon completion of the Gifted and Talented Admissions Committee meeting, families and staff are informed of student assessment results and HISD G/T qualification by the processing campus.