• 3rd – 5th Grade Specialty Descriptions

  • Soccer and Golf Specialty

    In this specialty, students will improve skills in soccer and golf.  Soccer skills that will be taught will include dribbling, passing, and scoring.  Some of the golf skills the students will learn include the grip of the club, stance of the golfer, and many types of swings used in golf. 

  • Dance and Gymnastics Specialty

    Students in the Dance and Gymnastics Specialty class will explore the dance genres of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Creative Movement, and Cultural Dances.  They will also learn skills on the floor exercise, vault, bars, and beam as well as improving on gymnastics skills that the students learned in Pre K – 2nd Grade.  These skills will help improve their flexibility, coordination, strength, balance, dance technique and gymnastics skills to prepare them to enter a Middle School for Fine Arts Dance and/or Gymnastics Program.

  • Tennis and Kickball Specialty

    In this specialty, students will learn basic skills of Tennis and Kickball.  During Tennis lessons students will learn forehand and backhand strokes, how to serve the ball, footwork, and volleying.  Kickball lessons will include pitching, kicking, running the bases, positions and teamwork. 

  • Basketball and Bowling Specialty

    Students in the Basketball and Bowling Specialty will learn basic skills and techniques to improve in the sports of Basketball and Bowling.  Basketball skills include ball handling, shooting, passing, and defense.  Bowling skills include how to hold the ball, the release, aiming of the ball and the scoring system.