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    Welcome to Mr. Sutherland's Welcome page


    Here at Kate Bell we offer many after-school activities. I am the Cross-Country, Track and Field and Soccer Instructor.  Please click on the activity for updates information.

    Physical Education (Pk-2) Lower grades
    Lower grades are on a weekly rotation, which includes: gymnastics, rhythms, games and health.
    Class Schedule:
    Pre-Kindergarten meets at 9:00-9:45 four days a week (They go to music on Thursday)
    Kindergarten and PPCD meets 9:45-10:30 four days a week (They go to music on Friday)
    First grade 10:30-11:15 four days a week (Music on Monday)
    Second grade 12:00-12:45 four days a week (Music on Tuesday)
    Physical Education (3rd-5th) Upper grades
    Upper grades are on a two week rotation, which includes: team sports, individual sports, gymnastics, life time sports and health.
    Class Schedule:
    Third Grade 12:45-1:30 (Music on Wednesday)
    Fourth Grade 1:30-2:15 (Music on Monday)
    Fifth Grade Grade 2:15-3:00 (Music on Moriday)
    Class Expectations:
    Students will be graded on three areas; participation, conduct, and assessments. In order to receive excellent or satisfactory grades in these three areas, your child will be required to actively and eagerly participate in all activities.
    Health Classes:
    Classes for upper grades meet every two weeks
    Classes for lower grades meet every week
    Supples for Health:
    Red Folder with clips
    Binder paper