• Jet Pack Class

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    A class solely targeting Social Emotional Learning.

    The 5 components of SEL are:

    1. Self Awareness- understanding & managing emotions

    2. Self Management-managing stress as well as setting & achieving positive goals

    3. Social Awareness- empathy for others & seeing different perspectives

    4. Relationship Skills- establishing and maintaining positive relationships

    5. Responsible Decision Making- making positive & safe choices

    The class will teach these skills by focusing on what is happening with the ever-evolving world around us.  There are many changes globally, locally, within individual families, and the school system.  Students are dealing with much change and uncertainty.  Since things will be much different this school year, teaching students how to maneuver through the difficulty is essential for their overall wellbeing.  The class will focus on the 5 components of SEL using our current circumstances- global pandemic, social inequalities, the change in our daily lives, online learning, etc.   Some of the benefits of teaching social emotional skills to students are, they tend to have a more positive attitude towards themselves & others, increased confidence, peaceful connections, improved attitude, improved achievement, reduction in stress & negative behaviors.  These positive benefits are possible because students are taught ways to self soothe.  There are a variety of SEL tools which will be taught to allow for individuality & independence.  Most are easy to access, use, and create.   The goal is for students to be able to positively manage whatever may arise for them daily, be more successful & productive in their tasks, and feel more balanced as things continue to evolve around them.