• “A specialized magnet program for gifted children”

    Herod offers your child…

    • Highly qualified teachers with specialized training in gifted education
    • A rigorous differentiated curriculum
    • Student leadership opportunities in clubs and service groups         
    • After-school and enrichment programs
    • Garden, pond and outdoor classroom
    • Classes in music, art, physical education, STEAM, and Social Emotional Learning 
    • Participation in academic and speech competitions
    • Active parent volunteers and PTO


    To learn more about how you can become a part of the 
    Herod School community:
    Call  Jessica Berry, Principal,


    Herod Elementary is a Vanguard magnet school designed to meet the needs of gifted students from across the Houston Independent School District.  All HISD students are invited to apply for the program by completing and submitting an applicaiton online at HISDChoice.com. Please click here for application window and deadlines. Spanish version click here.


    Take a moment to view the video created and edited by our 5th grade students in STEAM class to give you a glimpse of what life at Herod Elementary is like.  A Day In the Life at Herod



    In order to be considered for the Vanguard program students must qualify on a matrix that includes the following: ability testing, achievement testing, grades, teacher ratings and, if applicable, overcoming obstacles such as limited English skills, special needs and low socio-economic status.  Eligibility determination will be made by the Advanced Academics Department and parents will be notified of the results.



    Application Process (Step by Step):

    1. Take a tour of the schools in which you are interested. Learn more about the schools to assess if the school is going to be the right fit for your child’s needs and your family. All HISD Elementary schools will host tours every Thursday morning at 9:00 beginning on September 23, 2021. The last Magnet tour will be hosted on Thursday, November 4, 2021. All tours are virtual through Microsoft Teams.   

    Herod Virtual Tour Teams Link


    2. Complete the Magnet application. You can complete your application online. The Phase 1 application window opens Saturday, September 19, 2020. It is highly recommended that you complete the application online so that you are notified instantly with updated messages about testing and your child’s acceptance to a program. Apply online at HISDChoice.com. If you complete a paper application, you can deliver it in person or mail it to the Office of School Choice, 4400 W 18th St. Houston, TX 7709. Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, November 11, 2021 for consideration in the first round of applications and lotteries. Be certain that all required documents are attached to the application or uploaded when you submit it.

    • For Kindergarten applications a birth certificate is required ONLY if your child is not currently enrolled in an HISD Pre-K program.  
    • For applications in grades 1-5: A teacher recommendation must be requested for all students. Non-HISD Students and students new to HISD must also submit a copy of last year's final report card and contact the GT Coordinator at their zoned HISD campus to schedule testing. Students attending HISD for the entire year last year will not need to submit a report card. Current HISD students will be tested at thier current HISD campus. 


    3. Rank your schools.  Rank the programs you apply to in priority order, from first choice to last choice. You may apply to a maximum of 10 programs, with no more than 5 Magnet programs. Put “1” next to the most desired program, “2” next to the second highest ranked choice, and so on. It is very important that you think carefully about your ranking, because if your child is accepted to a program, any lower-ranked choice will be automatically dropped. You may adjust the order of your choices through November 11, 2021 online.


    4. Wait, wait and wait some more!  Once testing is completed, it takes 6-8 weeks for the results to return and processing to be completed.  Parents will be notified on by midnight on Janurary 27, 2022 of the outcome of all Phase 1 applications.


    5. Intent to attend deadline.  Students may accept only one Magnet program for the 2022-2023 school year.  Families will have two weeks to accept an offered seat at a Magnet program by submitting proof of residency and signing a Magnet Entrance Agreement. Failure to provide proof of residency will forfeit any tranfer offer. 


    6. Waitlist Limbo – Students will remain on the waitlist of all programs parents ranked higher than the highest program to which a seat is offered. Hang in there and be patient. Check the parent dashboard regularly. Information about waitlist positions on the parent dashboard are given in real-time and are the most up to date.
    For information, please call Jessica Berry, Principal, at 713-778-3315.