• Who facilitates the testing?

    The Gifted and Talented department of HISD is in charge of all G/T testing in the district.  The testing windows are set up by Advanced Academics and testing occurs at schools that have volunteered to host the testing. Ms. Robinson at donyelle.robinson@houstonisd.org will facilitate the testing on Lawson's Campus. All students will test online. 

    • What if I'm a zoned student?

      Students not currently identified as G/T, who are zoned to Lawson, will be tested on the Lawson campus. 

      For the 2023-2024 school year, only one testing window is being offered. Students who are tested in this window and are identified as G/T will be placed in our G/T classes the following school year. Testing dates are determined by the Gifted and Talented Department of HISD and cannot be changed or extended. If you have questions regarding the testing window you may contact HISD G/T at 713-556-6954. Applications must be returned to Ms. Robinson by email at donyelle.robinson@houstonisd.org or in person at the Lawson campus.


      How long is the test?

      The cognitive abilities test used by HISD to help identify students as G/T is a computer based test. Students will be read directions and given sample problems to ensure they understand how to complete the test.  HISD only requires students to take the nonverbal portion.  The nonverbal portion is broken up into three sections.  Students will have 10 minutes to finish each section.  In general, the total time for the test, including logging in, reading directions, sample questions, and the actual test, is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. This time estimate does not include time for technological errors. There will be multiple dates to sign up and take this portion of the test. 


      The nationally normed standardized test for G/T identification purposes will only be certain sections of the test.  For the 2023-2024 school year, students will be required to take the English Language Arts section and the Math section.  Each section of the test is timed.  The approximate time for the test, including passing out materials, reading directions, and breaks, is approximately 4 to 6 hours. This time estimate does not include time for technological errors. There are mutiple dates to sign up and take this portion of the test.

      • How Do I Get My Child Tested for G/T?

        Initiate recommendation through 1 of the 4 ways. 

        1. Parent recommendation. 

        2. Teacher recommendation. 

        3. Self-recommendation. 

        4. Achieving Masters Grade Level on STAAR

        Complete the G/T application once available and send it to Ms. Robinson at donyelle.robinson@houstonisd.org

        Student attends and takes both tests at Lawson Middle School.

      • Does My Child Need Testing?

        HISD students who have already been identified as G/T by HISD and currently attend an HISD school DO NOT need testing. Students who have previously been identified as G/T retain their G/T label all the way through high school, as long as they stay in HISD.  Students who leave the district for more than 60 days must be re-tested for G/T identification. (Furlough could potentially prevent this.) All current HISD 2nd grade students not identified as G/T will be tested on their current HISD campus and DO NOT need further testing.

        Students who are not currently enrolled in an HISD school will need to sign up for both tests.