Ms. Gavenda's 2nd Grade Class

Math Projects

  • Shapes are everywhere!! Everything we see and touch is made from shapes. Ms. Gavenda’ s students shaped up with their amazing shape inventions. Ms. Gavenda’s class became the ultimate creators of an object, place, animal, or thing. The student’s projects were shapetastic using 2D and 3D shapes to build their invention. The students showed their unique imaginations and master skills to make their inventions come to life!

  • Jaeden J:

    Jaeden J


    Peyton H.

    Peyton H

     Ty R.

    Ty R Ty R.  Ty R

     Kai F.

    Kai F  Kai F

    Mariah C.

    Mariah C

    Skylar A.

    Skylar A

Science Projects

  • The students in Ms. Gavenda’ s class were thinking about ways to save our resources and our planet. Recycling and reusing those items can help reduce trash waste. This will help protect our planet and our air quality. We use many natural and human-made resources every day that are recyclable. Many of these items we only use one time and then dispose of them. Ms. Gavenda’ s class reflected on these items and used their imaginations to create a new purpose for those items. The students demonstrated their creativity by reusing recyclable materials to create something new.

  • Richard C.

    A pinata made from recyclable used paper.

    Richard C

    Ianna A.

    Made a skittles dispenser out of a plastic cup and bottle.

    Ianna A

    Dallas C.

    Created a Deadpool themed unicell holder out of used cans.

    Dallas C