TCAH School Improvement Planning

Meeting Dates

  • Meetings Dates and Times

    10-4-21 8:30-9:30 am

    1-10-21 1-2 pm

    4-18-22 1-2 pm

    5-23-22 1-2 pm


Shared Decision Making Committee Meetings Attendees/Agendas/Minutes

  • Name Title Term Expires
    Stephanie Johnson Classroom Teacher Jun-22
    Cecelia Morris Classroom Teacher Jun-23
    Stacy Hayes Classroom Teacher Jun-22
    Jarrod Bass Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Khali Bittle Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Kathleen Coussens-Flores Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Kristy Dunn Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Chuck Tracy Classroom Teacher  Jun-22
    Samantha Spray Classroom Teacher  Jun-22
    Jana Andrews School-Based Staff Member  Jun-22
    Laura Jordan School-Based Staff Member  Jun-22
    Amanda Averitt School-Based Staff Member Jun-23
      (Special Education)  
    Rene Edwards Non-Instructional Staff Jun-23
    Peter Anzalone Business Partner  
    Zach Bigner Community Member  
    Margaret Abete Community Member  
    Robert Jackson Parent  
    Candice Ayala Principal   
    Lorin Watkins Principal   
    Brita Lindsey School Leader, Director of Operations