TCAH School Improvement Planning

Meeting Dates

    • Meetings Dates and Times


      9-26-22 9-10:30 am

      10-17-22 8:30-10 am

      1-9-23 1-2 pm

      5-1-23 1-2 pm

      5-22-23 1-2 pm

Committee Members


    Name Title Term Expires
    Karen Herring Muston Classroom Teacher Jun-24
    Cecelia Morris Classroom Teacher Jun-23
    Audra Kennedy Classroom Teacher Jun-24
    Jarrod Bass Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Khali Bittle Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Kathleen Coussens-Flores Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Kristy Dunn Classroom Teacher  Jun-23
    Dr. Debra Hurwitz Classroom Teacher  Jun-24
    Samantha Spray Classroom Teacher  Jun-24
    Bryan Yancy School-Based Staff Member  Jun-24
    John McKitrick School-Based Staff Member   Jun-24  
    KT Trimbur-Glenn School-Based Staff Member  Jun-24


    Amanda Averitt School-Based Staff Member Jun-23
      (Special Education)  
    Rene Edwards Non-Instructional Staff Jun-23
    Thomas Glenn Attorney, Business Owner - Business Partner  
    Theresa Chatman Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusionfor Research Programs  - Community Member  
    Yolanda Foster Community Activist -  Community Member  
    Yeilemer Hewett Parent  
    Stephanie Stafford-Cole Parent    
    Candice Ayala Principal   
    Lorin Watkins Principal     
    Amanda Viola School Lead Principal, Instructional Leader  
    Dr. Brita Lindsey School Leader, Director of Operations    



Shared Decision Making Committee Agenda

Shared Decision Making Committee Minutes