• Paying the $25 Fee 

    To pick up a laptop, students must pay the $25 laptop fee. Use SchoolPay (Click here) to pay online with a credit card! 

    At orientation or anytime during the school year, students can pay at school with cash.

    Receipt is required to pick up a laptop.


    Additional Fees: 


    The yearly $25 Power Up fee is NOT insurance.  Students are responsible for any damage done to their laptops. 


    If a student's laptop is damaged, they will need to pay a $25 fee to have it replaced per item damaged. 


    Damage Includes: Broken/Cracked Screen, Missing Keys, Damage to Charging Port, Damage to LCD Cover or Hinges, Water/Liquid/Food Damage and Cracked Mainboard. To pay the damage fee by credit card, (Click here).


    For excessive or intentional damage, students will pay the actual cost of repairs.. 


    Lost Laptops: 


    If a student loses their laptop, they will need to complete a Police report with the campus Police or HPD.  Once the report has been filed, the student will pay an additional $25 Power Up fee and be issued another laptop.


    Students who lose their laptop off campus will need to file a report with HPD, and bring a copy to the Tech Room before a replacement is issued.


    HPD Online Report