English Department

  • Scarborough High School's English department centers itself on literature, literary criticism, journalism, creative writing, and the study of rhetoric.

    Join us as we think critically about what we read and write. Engage with us as we use texts to study the human experience, and let our program provide you with an excellent foundation for the endeavors you choose after your experiences at Scarborough High School.




    Ms. Laura Ruiz

    Department Chair

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Content Area Contact
LaVoisier Bering English lll lavoisier.bering@houstonisd.org
Dr. Nicole Gray English lll and AP Language nicole.gray@houstonisd.org
Amy Henry English l amy.henry@houstonisd.org
Tyler Pearson English l tyler.pearson@houstonisd.org
Katherine Ragodos English ll katherine.ragodos@houstonisd.org
Michael Reggio ESOL l michael.reggio@houstonisd.org
Tyler Reggio ESOL ll tyler.reggion@houstonisd.org
Laura Ruiz English ll lruiz1@houstonisd.org
Sarah Russell English lV sarah.youngrussell@houstonisd.org
Jaylon Speights Teacher Apprentice jaylon.speights@houstonisd.org

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