Graduation Lab

  • Grad Lab Reminders


    ·        Students have 15 days from enrollment date to access and work on classes, otherwise they will be withdrawn and given a 50

    ·        Students must complete at least 1 unit per week. You are free to work at a faster pace. We will check for progress weekly.

    ·        Please be respectful of your peers. Grad Lab students prefer a quite area to work.

    ·        You may listen to music at a reasonable volume level only with personal headphones

    ·        Put laptop back in assigned numbered spot. Clean up cords.

    ·        Tests must be taken here in class Allow at least 30 minutes, if not more, to complete the test. Tests cannot be removed from class. If they are, you will get an automatic 0. 

    ·        Students will be given only 1 reset for quizzes. The grade you make after this, stays.


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Jahleel Blocker Grad Lab

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  • Who qualifies for graduation lab?

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    The Grad Lab is ideal for self-motivated students who:

    • might not meet graduation requirements by May
    • are not classified as seniors but who should be graduating in May
    • have failed three or more courses in the previous semester, especially ninth-graders
    • have been retained while in high school
    • are past normal school age
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  • How does graduation lab work?

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    Students can work on their courses during, before or after school, as well as from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. Tests and finals must be completed in the lab, which is staffed by a Graduation Coach tasked with enrolling students and then monitoring their progress as they complete coursework.

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  • What is graduation lab?

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    Free online high school courses available to HISD students through HISD Graduation Labs. 

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