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    Grad Lab Reminders


    ·        Students have 15 days from enrollment date to access and work on classes, otherwise they will be withdrawn and given a 50

    ·        Students must complete at least 1 unit per week. You are free to work at a faster pace. We will check for progress weekly.

    ·        Print out a Student Report and bring it with when you turn in work. Ms. Acevedo will sign/date and return it to you. Keep this report with you; it is your insurance policy!

    ·        Please be respectful of your peers. Grad Lab students prefer a quite area to work.

    ·        You may listen to music at a reasonable volume level only with personal headphones.  If I hear music, you will lose that privilege. I do not have headphones!

    ·        Put laptop back in assigned numbered spot. Clean up cords.

    ·        Tests must be taken here in class! Allow at least 30 minutes, if not more, to complete the test. Tests cannot be removed from class. If they are, you will get an automatic 0. You must be cleared to take the test and Ms. Acevedo will print your test.

    ·        Students will be given only 1 reset for quizzes. The grade you make after this, stays.


Grad Lab Countdown

  • Grad Lab Deadline for Fall Semester:
    To be announced

Grad Lab Coach


    Grad Lab Coach

    Alejandra V. Acevedo 

    Email: aaceved1@houstonisd.org


    Scarborough High School

    4141 Costa Rica

    Houston, TX 77092


    713-613-2205 (fax)