• Me                                                         mMembersn of the Shared Decision-Making Committee

    Number of Classroom Teachers (2/3)


    Number of Parents


    Number of School-based Staff (1/3)


    Number of Community Members


    Number of Non-Instructional Staff


    Number of Business Members


    Name of SDMC Member

    Position (Term expires)


    Wendy Tilford-sdmc@riveroakspto.org
    Business Member (2023)

    Holly Shilstone- sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Community Member (2023)

    Kathryn Sellers-kathryn.sellers@houstonisd.org

    Kinder Classroom Teacher  (2024)

    Rachel Yarus-Rachel.Yarus@houstonisd.org

    1st Classroom Teacher  (2025)

    Nicole Heitke- Nheitke@houstonisd.org

    2nd Classroom Teacher  (2023)

    Erika Hale- erika.hale@houstonisd.org

    3rd Classroom Teacher  (2024)

    Christina Phlegm- christina.phlegm@houstonisd.org

    4th Classroom Teacher  (2024)

    Alma Smith- almameshaun.smith@houstonisd.org

    5th Classroom Teacher (2024)

    Monica Nuncio-Lopez-Monica.Nuncio@houstonisd.org

    Non-Instructional Staff (2025)

    Timmy Yip-timmy.yip@outlook.com

    Parent (2025) Magnet 

    Anna Goldberg- sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Parent (2024) Magnet

    Eric Burnette-ericalburnette@gmail.com

    Parent (2025) Zoned  

    Mekiva Callahan- sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Parent (2024) Zoned

    Brett Gallini- brett.gallini@houstonisd.org

    School-Based Staff (Head of School)

    Ariana Alvear- ariana.alvear@houstonisd.org

    Special Education School-Based Staff (2024)

    John Fuller-John.Fuller@houstonisd.org

    Specialist School-Based Staff (2025)