• Me                                                         mMembersn of the Shared Decision-Making Committee

    Number of Classroom Teachers (2/3)


    Number of Parents


    Number of School-based Staff (1/3)


    Number of Community Members


    Number of Non-Instructional Staff


    Number of Business Members


    Name of SDMC Member

    Position (Term expires)


    Wendy Tilford-sdmc@riveroakspto.org
    Business Member (2023)

    Holly Shilstone- sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Community Member (2023)

    Jennifer Hertz jennifer.hertz@houstonisd.org

    Kinder Classroom Teacher  (2022)

    Loghan Abila-Loghan.Abila@houstonisd.org

    1st Classroom Teacher  (2023)

    Nicole Heitke- Nheitke@houstonisd.org

    2nd Classroom Teacher  (2023)

    Jessica Hill- Jessica.hill@houstonisd.org

    3rd Classroom Teacher  (2022)

    Jessica Dyra-Jessica.Dyra@houstonisd.org

    4th Classroom Teacher  (2023)

    Debbie McLaughlin- deborah.mclaughlin@houstonisd.org

    5th Classroom Teacher (2023)

    Nadine D'Souza- ndsouza@houstonisd.org

    Non-Instructional Staff (2023)

    Tyanne Lindsey-sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Parent (2022) Magnet

    Anna Goldberg- sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Parent (2022) Magnet

    Cynthia Walker - sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Parent (2023) Zoned

    Mekiva Callahan- sdmc@riveroakspto.org

    Parent (2022) Zoned

    Keri Fovargue kfovargu@houstonisd.org

    School-Based Staff (Head of School)

    Ashleigh Gay ashleigh.gay@houstonisd.org

    Special Education School-Based Staff (2022)

    Joel Bomersbach- jbomersb@houstonisd.org

    School-Based Staff (2023)