School History

  • 1 Benjamin Franklin Elementary School honors the achievements of one the most important figures in American history.

    Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments earned him many honors during his lifetime, most notably as one of the leaders of the Constitutional Convention of 1785. Although Benjamin Franklin helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence ten years earlier, his leadership as a senior member of this convention led to the eventual acceptance of the Constitution of the United States of America -- an experiment in democratic government that has endured for over two centuries. Franklin Elementary's mission: "Preparing Good Students and Good People for the Future", is inspired by this legacy.

    Franklin Elementary is situated east of downtown Houston, almost equidistant between the Port of Houston’s ship channel and the University of Houston. The diverse community surrounding the campus, with its many private businesses and schools, reflects the values of free enterprise and academics embodied in these institutions. Adapting to the community’s changing demographics since its original construction in 1913, Franklin Elementary undertook a significant construction makeover in 1978.

    Today, about 530 students attend Franklin Elementary and are sponsored by the Houston Independent School District under the Improving America’s Schools Act of 1994 (Title I Amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965). The educational programs, designed in consultation with parents and teachers, are intended to provide accelerated instruction for children described as economically disadvantaged or who are at risk of dropping out. Benjamin Franklin Elementary School takes this responsibility very seriously, and is dedicated to meeting the expectations set forth in HISD’s Declaration of Beliefs and Visions. Relying on its ability to attract and retain superb teacher leadership, Franklin Elementary plans to remain the cornerstone of its community for many years to come.