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    STEM Magnet Electives 

  • Business Track Electives

    Marketing Tech / Business (6th Grade)

    Students learn marketing through a series of dynamic activities that focus on the customer to generate a profitable exchange. Understanding marketing concepts allows students to know the interrelationship between business and marketing.

    Entrepreneurship I & II (7th, 8th*)

    Students investigate various aspects of starting a company, creating a product, and conducting market research for a mock company and product of their creation. (*High School Credit)


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  • Engineering Track Electives:

    Engineering I & II (7th, 8th*)

    • Introduction to Engineering
    • Engineering (*High School Credit)

    Odyssey of the Mind (OM)

    OM is an international problem-solving competition that utilizes critical-thinking. Students work on teams and compete on the local and state level. Each team solves an engineering problem and presents the solution with a team-created story. Team members create costumes, props and set pieces to add style to their solution.


    • Beginning (6th)
    • Intermediate (7th)
    • Advanced (8th)

    Students work in design teams to build and program fully-functional Lego, Vex and other platform models, prototypes and autonomous robots. Students then use software to design, program and modify instructional sequences, and collect and analyze data. Other Robotics technology such as drones and industry-related robotics is also investigated.

    Game Design (Principles of Information Technology*) 

    Students learn to design graphic images, write computer programs, and create custom video games. (*High School Credit)

    CAD (Computer Aided Design*) - "How to Model Almost Anything"

    Students work and interact with a Technology teacher and Career Engineers from GE Oil & Gas, a local Tech company partner. Students will use computer software and 3D printing to design and create 2D and 3D graphical representations of physical objects. (*High School Credit)