• Parent Rights and Responsibilities

    Parent Rights and Responsibilities

    Each day of every school year, parents send their children to school with an expectation that the school will provide excellence in the teaching and learning process. Each day of every school year, teachers, administrators, and other employees, in turn, expect students are ready to learn with the guidance and support of parents and their families. These expectations are not always clear or understood at home and at school. In order to ensure greater academic success for all HISD students and to strengthen a mutually respectful relationship between parents and schools, a document has been developed known as the "Houston Independent School District Parent Rights and Responsibilities."

    The impetus for the development of the HISD Parent Rights and Responsibilities centers on the district's core value that "Parents Are Partners." The document is based on existing policies and guidelines at the national, state, and district levels. It is intended to serve as a working document for parents and schools, that respects parental rights while recognizing corresponding responsibilities. The ultimate goal of this document is to remove all barriers for parent’s being valued partners in all schools in the Houston Independent School District.