School-Home Communication Folder: This folder is designed to keep you informed about your child's progress, and serve as a resource to inform you of special events or information about our school.  Folders will be sent home each Thursday.  Each student is expected to care for his/her folder and see to it that the folder is returned each week.  Lost folders will be replaced at the expense of the student at a cost of three dollars ($3.00).

    Attendance: It is imperative that your child attend school every day.  Regular school attendance increases your child's educational opportunities for a successful academic year.  In case of illness, the parent should call the school so that the teacher will have time to prepare assignments to be made-up by the student.  Make-up work may be picked up after school.  When the students returns to school, he/she must have a written excuse signed by a parent.  An excess of absences may result in failure for the student even with passing grades.

    Medicine Procedures: HISD policy does not authorize school personnel to administer medication of any kind.  This includes prescription drugs as well as aspirin, cough medication, etc.  All students on long-term preventive medication, which must be administered during school hours, must bring an HISD permission form, completed by the doctor and signed by the parent.

    Leaving / Returning to School During the School Day: If a student must leave during the school day for any reason, the parent/guardian must come to the office to sign him/her out.  Office personnel will send for the student.  If the student returns during the school day, he/she will need to come by the office to sign in before returning to class.

    Visitors: Parents are always welcome to visit Piney Point.  Conferences, however, must be prearranged with the teacher at non-instructional times.  For security reasons, it is required that any person entering the building during the school day come directly to the office and receive a visitor's badge before going to any other part of the building.

    Student Arrival Procedures: All students, parents, and visitors will enter the building through the front door at all times during the day. Breakfast is served in the classrooms once the bell rings.