• Flowers
    Still Life
  • Art
    Teacher: Mr. Hadley
    Art is a basic component of a complete education. Art experience fosters aesthetic development; the ability to construct, create, decode, and describe. It provides avenues of communication, paves the way for reading, and motivates written expression. Art is a product, a process, and an essential element for creative thought and experience.
    Students will be introduced to: 
    Elements: line, form, color, value and texture
    Principles: balance, emphasis, harmony, proportion,rhythm, unity, and variety
     Art Accomplishments
    • 2018 HISD Winter Card Crespo Winner & Representative Artist: Valery Noyola Vazquez
    • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Contest 
    • HISD Visual Arts Showcase
    • SpringHill Suites Marriott Art Night Extravaganza, honored  with a gift of new art supplies with funds raised at the event.  
    • George Rodrigue Foundation “George’s Closet grant also winning new art supplies!