School Nurse: TBD 


     Important information from our nurse:

    In the event your child needs to take prescription medications while at school, please be sure to have the “Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel” form completed by the child’s physician and parents. Forms are available in the school office.

    We need to have a note from the doctor in order to give a dose of medication that is different than the dose stated on the bottle.) ALL MEDICATIONS, PRESCRIPTION AND NON PRESCRIPTION, MUST BE SENT IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER.


    State law and District policy require written proof of every student’s immunization status. Any student who does not meet the minimum state-required immunizations or exemptions within the first 15 days of school attendance will be excluded.



    Required Doses

    DTP, DTaP, DT, TD

    Five doses of any combination DTaP/ DTP unless 4th dose was given on or after the 4th birthday.

    Polio (IPV)

    Four doses unless the 3rd dose was on or after the 4th birthday.

    Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

    Two doses of a measles-containing vaccine with the first dose on or after the 1st birthday; second dose by age 5 or entry into kindergarten.

    Hepatitis B

    Three doses are required.


    One dose on or after 1st birthday.

    Hepatitis A

    Two doses (1st dose may be given on or after the first birthday).

    Pneumococcal Conjugate (PCV)

    One dose after 24 months or a completed series and booster (if indicated) by 23 months.

    Department of State Health Services with vaccine requirements.


    Any student with a temperature of 100° or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, or signs and symptoms of a possible communicable disease, will be sent home. Please keep students home until they remain fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication and free of vomiting or diarrhea symptoms for 24 hours prior to returning to school. All children with suspicious rashes must be excluded from school until the rash has been determined non contagious by a doctor.

    Hearing and Vision Screenings

    Hearing and Vision screening are performed yearly to our students at Gabriela Mistral. Our hearing and vision screening programs are mandated programs designed to identify and refer students with significant hearing and vision problems as early as possible in order to optimize their learning while at school. Students with previously identified problems should have follow up initiated immediately to assist those students obtain the care necessary to have a successful school year. The school nurse will contact you should further referral or evaluation be needed. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse at 713-773-6253.