• Welcome to Berry's 2nd Grade

    Students have developed foundations and they have uncovered their observation and speaking skills.  Not to mention, they know all about recycling, reducing and reusing and how we can continue to grow to save our planet Earth.  Our second-grade students begin to dig deeply into the relationships that are unique and essential.  Understanding how the components of our environment are dependent on each other, second-graders establish a strong sense of awareness and are prepared to begin asking deeper questions about how human choices correlate to environmental stewardship.  Students learn a great deal about the soil (Earth) and how healthy soil makes healthy plants, which make healthy animals and humans.  Second grade students work directly with Recipe for Success, a corporation that leads the way in combatting childhood obesity by changing the way children understand, appreciate and eat their food and by helping the community provide healthier diets for all.

    Virtual Field Lessons 2021 – 2022

    This year our 2nd graders will participate in some exciting virtual field lessons.  They will be visiting places such as:Children’s Museum of Houston, The Oil Ranch and NASARelated image