Welcome to 4th Grade
    After exploring the impacts of air quality, students begin considering the need for water conservation programs.  Through the study of water foundations, followed by ecosystems, students 'put together' the pieces that they have been receiving in core content.  Why have they learned water basics in their science lessons with content teachers?  Why has the water cycle been a part of learning since Kindergarten?  Students discover early in the year that the water cycle perpetuates the cycle of polluting our planet.  Once students have arrived at this 'Ah-ha moment,' their interest in advocacy, stewardship, and conservation grows exponentially.  The efforts that we take to conserve and to recycle impace Earth systems that no human has harnessed controll over - the Water Cycle.  Students will use the passion that they have found to suggest improvements to the Berry community beginning in their homes.  Parents, beware.  You will have a staunch advocate in the home this year!  Consider shorter showers and caring for storm drains. 

    Virtual Field Lessons 2021 – 2022

    This year, our 4th graders will participate in some exciting virtual field lessons.  They will be visiting places such as:

    City of Houston Water Works, Museum of Natural Science and the Main Street Theater

    Water Conservation