• Mission Statement
    J.C. Mitchell is committed to Leadership, Literacy, and Life-long Learning!
        Greatness Happens Here!
    Mitchell School Song
    Oh, Mitchell School we pride in you, your banners we wave high.
    The knowledge that we glean from you, brightens up the sky.
    You stand there oh so beautiful and oh so very bold,
    A symbol of democracy and truths as pure as gold!
    Mitchell, our Mitchell, you are the very best.
    Mitchell, our Mitchell, you stand above the rest!
    Your standards are the highest; your goals are the highest, too.
    No matter where we wander, we'll always trust in you!

    Mitchell Bark (CREED)
    We are the Mitchell Bulldogs...bull, bull, bull bulldogs.
    Believing in ourselves... bull, bull, bull bulldogs.
    We do not bully...bull, bull, bull bulldogs. 
    We are respectful...bull, bull, bull bulldogs. 
    We're kind to everyone...bull, bull, bull bulldogs.
    Bull, bull, bull, bulldogs!
    Bull, bull, bull, bulldogs!